i am the proprietor of great spirits tattoo in greenfield Massachusetts. I have been dedicated to the art of tattooing since  2006. I have worked in a
number of environments from a street shop specializing in flash, to a world renown custom tattoo shop doing only custom designs. My passion for progression fuels me to make every tattoo I do the best it can be. I apply a wealth of knowledge, provided to me by working side by side along some great tattoo artists, as well as taking many hours of seminars from national and international artists, to my work. I have worked some amazing conventions throughout the country, meeting some amazingly inspirational artists, picking their brains for techniques that have helped me push my work. great spirits aims to be a destination for everyone from the first timer to the seasoned collector. our goal is to be a beneficial part of the community by holding regular workshops and seminars for artists of all skill levels, doing bi-annual charity drives and so much more! life is about perseverance, focus and dedication to never allowing oneself to become complacent. hurdles seem to be attracted to me, but mountains of fear are turned into pebbles and kicked off my path to living a happy, gracious life filled with love and joy. Peace-br.